Born in a symbiosis of love for cosmetics and animals, MIND+SPARKLE began his work on September the 1st, 2017. We always offer options of cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Never and nowhere.
Stylish packaging, of course, attracts attention and sells better. But we are for cosmetics to keep their promises! We choose products by effective composition (yes, we can "read" lists of ingredients) and pure formulas. We test almost all products on ourselves, so without hesitation, we guarantee it.
As shopaholics we know, shopping should bring joy and warmth! Therefore, we try to make the whole experience of interaction with us as pleasant as possible. This is the speed of delivery (usually you receive your order the next day), and packing with love, and the cost of delivery (always at the lowest rate, never - with the use of additional services at your expense!)